About us
With its more than 50 years of tradition and work in the tourism sector, Cresanka has become the leading tourism company on the island of Cres.

We follow modern trends and demands on the tourism market, while at the same time fostering centuries-old Cres tradition and the authentic elements that make this island and its residents so incredibly special.

Just for you, we are constantly working on improving the quality and range of our services, trying to ensure that each guest finds an activity that will make his holiday as special as possible, all in an environment surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and with a view of the crystal clear sea.

We want you to return from the island bursting with new experiences, and our mission is to give you a new perspective on life through the wonders of the natural environment and an authentic Cres atmosphere.

Our competitiveness is also based on the highest quality focused on natural resources and enriching your experience with authentic details, and as such we have become an eco-friendly oasis where everything is directed at preserving natural resources, human health and well-being in order to activate all of your senses.

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Company information

Cresanka d.d.
Dioničko društvo za ugostiteljstvo, turizam i trgovinu

Company registration number: 3044122
OIB (PIN): 47639427219
Registry court: Commercial Court in Rijeka
Headquarters: Cres (Cres Town) Varozina 25
Varozina 25
Legal form: joint-stock company
Share capital: 4.188.860,00 kuna
Bank account – IBAN: HR0824020061100386896 / Erste Steiermärkische bank d.d..

Chairman of the Supervisory Board :
Lino Sinčić

Members of the Supervisory Board:
Andretta Mario
Andretta Marco
Marchesan Francesco
Andretta Massimiliano

Person authorised for representation:
Stevo Filinić