Our mission
The philosophy of CRESANKA Group is based on a simple, yet powerful idea – to allow you to escape from everyday life to a healing natural environment and offer you an oasis of peace, health, well-being and an authentic experience.

A new dimension of living

By activating your senses and immersing you into a natural and healthy environment, we offer you a relaxing, yet stimulating atmosphere – a perfect combination of comfort and an authentic experience of Cres. We are continuously working, learning and increasing our offer with the aim of becoming your eco-friendly oasis where everything is directed at preserving natural resources, human health and well-being in order to activate all of your senses.

Let our programmes help you rediscover the beauty of the surrounding nature as an inexhaustible source of creativity. Feel the relaxing steady movement of our flora and fauna. See the world around you with new eyes and add another dimension to your life by stimulating your senses with a stay in nature.

Our values


What makes us different? We strive for the highest quality focused on natural resources and to enrich your experience with authentic details.

Eagerness to learn

Our employees are dedicated to keep learning and staying informed, and obtaining the necessary certificates to ensure that each guest receives an educational, proactive and complete service. Our goal is to be recognised as a high-quality destination and a synonym for a natural, healthy, authentic and personalised experience offered to every guest.


We are here because of you. Our philosophy includes promoting a constructive dialogue and applying a win-win approach. At CRESANKA D.D., every employee is at your service to fulfil the expressed and unexpressed needs and expectations of you as our guest, thereby ensuring genuine care, dedication and personalised expert advice.
We make sure that every face-to-face interaction is friendly, empathetic and personalised and that every CRESANKA D.D. employee listens even when not being addressed directly. Our customer-focused approach ensures that our guests do not simply use our services but also help us upgrade them.


CRESANKA D.D. is an agile company that is ready to adjust to any point in time. Passion is the fuel that powers us to keep improving. We value determination, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency. We draw inspiration from believing in what we do and apply the approach that nothing is impossible.


CRESANKA D.D. is a place where teamwork and openness grace every human interaction. We want to build an environment based on thoughtfulness, tolerance, courtesy and enterprise. Our employees show gratitude, interest and respect. We support different opinions, views and interests. Instead of focusing on the bad sides, we find solutions, discuss ideas as a group, and act with determination and in unison.

Personal touch for a unique experience

The experience of our guests is based on employing the natural aspects of the location and the authenticity of the Cres cultural heritage in order to ensure a unique service and a recognisable style and design, while at the same time not compromising on the safety and comfort of each guest.

We add a personal touch to everything we do, and our personalised approach ensures that every guest feels at ease, accepted, noticed and content. Our honest approach and care are aimed at making you feel at home because that is exactly what we are striving to achieve – to become your home and a community to which you will want to return time and time again. We are carefully listening to your suggestions, remarks and comments to personalise your stay with us as much as possible, exceed your expectations and make sure you return home with plenty of memorable experiences.

Our team puts their hearts and souls into their work and actively listens to your expressed and unexpressed needs and wishes, making your life easier during and after your stay with us, surprises you and helps you surprise yourself.