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Did you know?

... that Cres is the largest island in the Adriatic and is located in the northern part of the Kvarner bay, located between Istra peninsula and Krk island?... that Cres was inhabited in stone age and that liburnian buildings, antique remains, early catholic churches and monasteries are all testimony to the rich historic and cultural heritage?
... that historical name of the archipelago - Apsyrtides - is connected with the tragic legend of Apsyrtides, the mythical hero whose murder was ordered by his own sister, Medea. She threw the parts of his dismembered body into the sea, and they turned into the Apsyrtides islands.... that on Cres there is the largest colony of griffon vulture in Europe, speciffic because they nest on the cliffs, high above the sea?
... that island's sheeps graze undisturbed in the open during the whole year on the islands pastures rich in aromatic herbs so, the island's specialty "cres mutton" is spiced before cooking?... that on Cres is a special phenomena, Lake Vrana, a cryptodepression that is interesting because of it's geological and hydrological characteristics, it's exceptional quality of water and it's beauty?
... that the best view on the entire Kvarner is from Lubenice, old village located 382 m above sea level that is rightfully called the jewel of Cres?... that on the island Cres there are no poisonous snakes thanks to, according to the legend, St. Gaudentius, protector saint of the island of Cres, XI. century Osor bishop?