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Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Our main goal is to take care of desires and comfort of our guests with special accent on preserving natural values and the purity of the environment. Confirmation of our commitment and our work lies not only in the awards Ecocamping, Green Key and Blue Flag of the campsite Kovačine but also in our company's decision to use "green" electricity.

"Green" electricity

Cresanka d.d. uses "green" electricity and it is the user of certificates and mark "green 2016/2017" which guarantees that the electricity that we use throughout the company comes from renewable sources.

Green Key

Green Key is a voluntary eco-label for tourism facilities. It promotes sustainable tourism and aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change by awarding and advocating facilities with good initiatives.
The label is based on international criteria that reflect the various fields of tourism facilities (hotels, hostels, camp sites, conference and holiday centres). Focus on environmental management, technical demands, and initiatives for the involvement of guests, staff and suppliers
-cover: w
ater, waste, energy, involvement and awareness of guests, environmental management, staff involvement, use of chemicals, open spaces, food and beverages.

Blue flag

"Blue flag" is an international ecological award, project for protection of the sea and coastal regions of The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), awarded every year for the past thirteen years conducted succesfully in Europe and other parts of the world.

Blue flag is a symbol for preserved, safe and pleasant environment intended for vacation, entertainment and recreation, well worked out system of management of the coastal region and sustainable tourism development.

To carry a blue flag means top tourist promotion based on high service quality, sea and shore cleanness and equipment and tidiness of the beaches.


Campsite Kovačine is the proud owner of the certificate Ecocamping.

Ecocamping certificate stands for the promotion of environmental protection and nature conservation, safety and quality in the camping industry. The prefix "eco" stands for "ecology" and "economy": the environment and economy go hand in hand with ECOCAMPING.

We campaign for more sustainability in camping tourism! As a result, we have earned the ECOCAMPING award.

Find more information at www.ecocamping.net

ISO 14001:2004

Hotel Kimen and campsite Kovačine are the proud owner of the certificate for the environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2004

ISO 14001 is an international management standard aimed at continuous monitoring and reduction of the detrimental effect an organisation’s processes and activities on the environment and natural resources.